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What is TurtleCare?

TurtleCare is a handpan care product to be used instead of conventional oils. TurtleCare has decisive advantages over those: Other than oil it is not absorbed by the handpan and therefore doesn`t cause changes in the sound of your handpan. By using oil this often happens over time, especially with the upper sounds. TurtleCare dries on the surface, does not form resin, does not smell, cannot be wiped off, and doesn’t run off due to gravity. TurtleCare glides excellently, can be used on almost all surfaces, and has a considerably more extensive temperature range of ‑40°C to +750°C. In addition, TurtleCare is saltwater resistant!

How often am I supposed to treat my handpan with TurtleCare?

Basically, the interval of service depends on how often the handpan is played – as TurtleCare cannot be wiped off with bare hands, using TurtleCare automatically results in prolonged service intervals! In case of more intensive use we recommend cleaning it and then treating it with TurtleCare again. Excessive use of TurtleCare does not have any negative effects!

How do I apply TurtleCare?

It is designed for an application on surfaces: Spray TurtleCare onto the handpan after it is cleaned and degreased, if it was treated with oil before. Then spread TurtleCare evenly on the handpan with some dry paper. TurtleCare quickly dries automatically.

On which surfaces and/or materials can I use TurtleCare?

TurtleCare is specially designed for the usage on handpan surfaces.

When do I use the TurtleCare liquid and when the spray?

The aerosol product is especially suited for use on the outside of the handpan as it has a relatively broad spraying effect and can thus be applied evenly on the surface. The liquid product in the dropping bottle is especially useful for travelers with little baggage, since you might be able to take it with you in the plane. So basically it’s really up to you which one you need.

Is TurtleCare compatible with handpan oils?

No! You need to decide between either “oiling” or “coating” your handpan. Prior the treatment with TurtleCare the handpan oil and all residues must be removed from the surface, the best option would be to use a degreaser.

Where do I find a full reseller pricelist?

Please contact us for a full reseller pricelist via e-mail: [email protected]
and kindly send us also a link to your online-shop.


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