Collection: Handpan Hardcases & Softbags

HandpanCare Hardcases and Softbags

Welcome to the HandpanCare Hardcases and Softbags collection, where we offer our hard- and softcases, which are specially designed for the handpan. 

HandpanCare Hardcases:
Our hardcases offer robust protection for the safety of your instrument. During travels your instrument is shielded against impacts, environmental elements, and the rigors of travel itself. Especially if you grab our fiberglass hardcase. 

Features of our fiberglass case:
- Durability: Constructed with sturdy, impact-resistant materials.
- Weatherproof: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, keeping your handpan dry and safe.
- Portability: Equipped with comfortable handles and an optional backpack carrying system for easy transportation.
- Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek and modern design that complements your handpan.

HandpanCare Softbag:
For those seeking a lighter, more flexible option, our softbag offer the perfect balance of protection and portability. Ideal for local travel and everyday use, they provide a convenient way to keep your handpan secure.

- Lightweight Design: Easy to carry, reducing the burden of transport.
- Padded Protection: Soft yet sturdy padding to absorb shocks and protect from minor impacts.
- Water-Resistant Fabric: Keeps your handpan dry in various weather conditions.
- Adjustable Straps: For comfortable carrying on your shoulder or back.
- Extra Storage: Additional pockets for accessories and personal items.

Top-Protection Add-On:
Enhance the protective capabilities of your softbag with our Top-Protection add-on. This innovative layer offers extra cushioning and defense against impacts, ensuring your handpan’s safety in more demanding situations, where a sole softbag would not be enough.