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Handpan Care Products

HandpanCare specializes in tailor made handpan care products and maintenance of handpans, offering a selection of specially formulated products designed to meet the unique needs of these instruments.

At the forefront of our product line is TurtleCare, our exclusive ceramic coating. This innovative product is an alternative to oil to treat your instrument. It is a new way in handpan maintenance, which helps to safe longevity of the overtones. Its specialized formula applies an ultra-thin, durable protective layer on the surface of your handpan, providing robust, long-term defense against environmental influences, like dirt. The ceramic coating not only ensures a non-greasy, aesthetically pleasing shine but also maintains the instrument's pristine tonal quality and resonance. We advise against the use of handpan oils in conjunction with our product. Remember to degrease your instrument first, before you apply TurtleCare. 

In addition, our range includes the HandpanCare microfiber cloth. This cloth is designed to gently yet effectively remove dust, fingerprints, and residual oil, safeguarding the instrument's surface from scratches. It boasts high absorbency, is machine washable, and reusable. It is important to note that the microfiber cloth should not be used with TurtleCare ceramic coating, as it can absorb the coating. Instead, utilize the cloth for the instrument's dry cleaning needs. This can be done after your playing session and it is advisable to do before you apply TurtleCare. 

Together, the HandpanCare ceramic coating and microfiber cloth constitute a comprehensive care system, significantly extending the lifespan of your handpan while preserving its visual appeal and sound quality. Additionally, proper storage of the handpan is crucial. Although the instrument can withstand moisture, prolonged exposure to liquids should be avoided to maintain its condition.

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