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HandpanCare Catalog English 2023

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Our latest HandpanCare catalog, here you find our complete range of products available and the upcoming products.

1. Handpan Ceramic Coating: This is a specially formulated solution designed to clean and maintain the handpan without damaging it. It is not an oil, as certain types of oils can potentially lead to issues with the instrument’s resonance, tuning, or even cause damage over time. Especially with nitrided steel handpans.

2. Microfiber Cloth: This remains a vital tool for handpan maintenance. These ultra-soft cloths should not be used with the ceramic coating, as they absorb the coating. The microfiber cloth is used to gently remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, and other residues from the instrument without scratching or damaging the surface. One of the most important steps is to dry clean your instrument after playing it, here it is recommended using the microfiber cloth.

3. Protective Cases: To safeguard your handpan during transport, high-quality protective cases could be offered. They may come in different sizes, materials, and designs to accommodate different models and sizes of handpans. There are two groups of cases, the stable hardcases and lighter in weight, the softcases.

4. Handpan Stands & Wall Mounts: These are essential for players who wish to keep their instruments off the ground during play. These are also a great way to store your instrument. There are two models of stands available, the aluminium stand and the bamboo stand. The catalog may features different stand models to suit different performance settings and user preferences.

5. Decorative & Personalizing Accessories: There are different accessories available like the macrame rope braids, which can be used to personalize your instrument and give it some extra safety. Some products will be added in the future.

Always remember to use products and services specifically designed for handpans to avoid damaging this delicate instrument. And consult with the instrument’s maker or a professional for any detailed maintenance procedures, especially if your handpan rusts.

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