Immerse yourself in the world of HandpanCare – your partner for everything to do with the care and protection of your handpan. With us you will find a wide range of products that are specially tailored to the needs of handpan players. From premium hard cases and professional care products to macrame cords, we offer a comprehensive range that is always one step ahead.

HandpanCare arose from the needs and desires of the handpan world. We know how valuable your instrument is to you and believe that such a unique piece deserves to be treated with the utmost care and attention. As such, we are committed to providing products that meet the highest standards of handpan players and manufacturers.

A special highlight of our range is our unique care product “TurtleCare”, which was specially developed for handpans made of nitrated steel. It is also suitable for Ember Steel and other stainless steel handpans. It is a ceramic coating that provides lasting protection without altering the sound of the instrument. You can rest assured that your handpan will always be in top form and that it will unfold its full tonal potential.

The handpan world is constantly evolving, since the instrument is still very young, there are always new trends, new requirements and changes. HandpanCare stands for unsurpassed quality and our dedicated team is always ready to support you and offer you the best possible service.

Discover the first steps on your way into the handpan world with HandpanCare and experience why we are the first choice of many handpan enthusiasts. Because in the world of handpans, the top priority is that you offer your instrument only the best. Welcome to HandpanCare, the world of handpan enthusiasts.

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Unique performance

Unique performance

The safety of your instrument is our top priority

Handpan professionals

Handpan professionals

We know what you need. As players and makers ourselves, we know the challenges of Handpan players.

High quality products

High quality products

Why would anyone make compromises in the safety of a handpan?


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