Collection: Best Sellers

Best Seller

Here you find the products our customers bought the most.

1. TurtleCare Ceramic Coating: This flagship product is a bestseller due to its innovative formula that creates an ultra-thin, durable protective layer on the handpan's surface. It shields the instrument from environmental influences while preserving its sound quality and resonance. Customers appreciate its ease of use and long-lasting effect.

2. HandpanCare Microfiber Cloth: Known for its high absorbency and ability to effectively clean the instrument from dust, fingerprints, and oil, this cloth ensures the instrument's surface remains scratch-free during cleaning. Its reusability and machine washability make it a practical and eco-friendly product.

3. Handpan Wall Mount: Our Handpan Wall Mount is the best selling product and is a reliable and minimalist companion and the best option to store your handpan safely. The wall mount can hold around 50 kg of weight. 

4. The PU Zipper Case: Since its release, the PU Zipper Case is a trustworthy companion for many handpan enthusiasts worldwide. The price-performance ratio is what makes this hard case so popular.

5. The Fiberglas Hardcase: High-quality hard case made of very robust fiberglass. This hard case is particularly suitable for traveling and offers reliable protection for your handpan.