About Us


HandpanCare – Professional Care for Your Handpan

Welcome to HandpanCare, located in the picturesque town of Süßen, Southern Germany. We are a forward-thinking company specializing in comprehensive care and protection for your Handpan.

Innovative Care for Every Musician

Understanding the special bond musicians have with their Handpans, our mission is to provide exceptional care tailored to each individual instrument. Our services cater to both professional musicians and enthusiastic beginners, ensuring your Handpan receives the best treatment possible. We play the handpan ourselves and every product we offer is tested and used by ourselves. We used other products before we started our own, as we could not find anything available that suited ourselves quality wise and from their functionality.

Dedicated Experts, Unmatched Quality

We are experienced musicians, with over 10 years of experience with the handpan and the hang. We are lucky, that we can work together with industry experts, who help us developing our products. Our team consists of dedicated people whose goal is to maintain the highest standard of service. We are committed to using only the best quality products that enhance and protect your Handpan. Our focus on innovation and continuous improvement is aimed at delivering care and maintenance for your instrument.

We help you!

Our team is always ready to assist with product selection, maintenance techniques, or any inquiries related to our TurtleCare line or general Handpan care. We offer comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs.

We hope that, we can be part of your Musical Journey

Your HandpanCare Team