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Adjustable Handpan Tripod "X-Stand" - Aluminium Tripod with Carrying Bag

Adjustable Handpan Tripod "X-Stand" - Aluminium Tripod with Carrying Bag

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Key features

HandpanCare X-Stand Bundle: Ideal for handpans and steel tongue drums.

Stable, double-braced construction for secure support.

Height adjustable with customizable playing angle.

Includes a durable nylon carrying bag for portability.

Lightweight yet sturdy aluminium build.

Adjustable height and angle for personal comfort.

Suitable for audio recordings and various playing positions.


  • Versatility: Designed to accommodate all common handpans and steel tongue drums.
  • Stability: Offers strong support due to its double-braced construction.
  • Adjustability: Height and angle can be altered for optimal playing comfort.
  • Portable Design: Comes with a nylon carrying bag, enhancing its portability.
  • Material Quality: Made with premium aluminium, ensuring durability without excessive weight.
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Product description

Adjustable Aluminium Handpan Tripod 

The HandpanCare X-Stand Bundle is our premium tripod for playing on your handpan. It offers stability, versatility, and ease of transport. It is crafted to support all common handpans - this stand features a double-braced design for robust support. Its adjustable nature allows you to find your ideal playing position, whether sitting or standing.

Easy to transport - ideal for recording and concerts

The included nylon carrying bag makes it easy to take your X-Stand on the road, ensuring your musical journey is always accompanied by comfort and convenience. 

Ideal for Audio Recordings, as it captures the pristine sound of your handpan with ease. The X-Stand's thoughtful design and foam caps ensure that all frequencies sound optimal, making it an excellent choice for high-quality audio recordings.

Though, it could be the case that certain instruments might be harder to play which is due to the position of the notes. 

Premium Materials for Optimal Sound

Crafted with aluminium parts and featuring hard foam caps, the X-Stand ensures that no vibrations are dampened, allowing your handpan to resonate freely and produce its true and authentic sound.

Height: ranging from 60 cm (minimum) to 106 cm (maximum).
(Light)weight: 2.1 kg.
Color: Silver and black

For instructions and assembling, we recorded a video for you to show you how to adjust the X-Stand so it adapts to your needs.