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Bamboo tripod (large) - Handpan Tripod (large)

Bamboo tripod (large) - Handpan Tripod (large)

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Key features

  1. Sturdy and Aesthetic Bamboo Construction: The tripod is noted for its beautiful and solid bamboo construction, which contributes to both its stability and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Flexible Angle Adjustment: The steel middle joint of the tripod allows for easy adjustment of the angle, catering to different playing styles and comfort preferences.
  3. Instrument Safety with Hard Foam Caps: The upper ends of the tripod are equipped with hard foam caps, ensuring a secure resting place for the handpan and protecting it without dampening its unique sound and frequencies.
  4. Suitability for Recording Sessions: The design of the tripod ensures it does not interfere with the handpan’s frequencies, making it ideal for recording sessions.
  5. Quality and Design: Our customers have praised the overall design and quality of the tripod, highlighting its practicality and durability.


  • Made from Bamboo: Utilizes the natural stability of bamboo for a solid and stable foundation.
  • Adjustable Steel Middle Joint: Allows for angle adjustment to suit individual playing styles and comfort.
  • Instrument Safety: Equipped with hard foam caps on the upper ends for secure and safe instrument support.
  • Recording-Friendly: Designed to not dampen frequencies, making it ideal for recording sessions.
  • Customizable Height Options: Offers a selection of heights (115 cm) to accommodate various playing needs and preferences.
  • Reliable and Durable: Crafted for durability and reliability, enhancing the handpan playing experience.
  • Measurement: Height: 115 cm Weight: 2,5 kg
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Product description

Bamboo Handpan Tripod (large)

The Bamboo Handpan Tripod is a beautifully designed and functional accessory for handpan musicians, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical utility. Crafted from sturdy bamboo, this tripod stands out for its natural stability and elegant look, which complement the unique characteristics of the handpan. Its construction is not only solid but also enhances the visual appeal, making it a desirable addition to any musician's collection.

Adjustable middle joint

One of the standout features of this tripod is its adjustable steel middle joint, which allows users to easily modify the angle of the tripod. This flexibility is crucial for handpan players as it accommodates various playing styles and ensures personal comfort during performances. Whether seated or standing, musicians can find the perfect position that suits their style, enhancing their overall playing experience.

While not fully adjustable, the tripod large also offers some customizable height options, allowing musicians to select a height that best suits their individual needs and playing style. This customization enhances comfort and performance, making the tripod a versatile tool for various playing contexts. To adjust the height you need an open-end wrench with 6-7 mm. Adjustable height is approximately from around 95 cm to 110 cm. Our standard delivery height is 105 cm. (The specified height corresponds to the stand with an instrument on it, measured towards the edge of the instrument)

The stand is best suited for playing while standing.

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Foam Caps and metal elements 

A key concern for handpan players is the safety of their instrument, and the Bamboo Handpan Tripod addresses this with hard foam caps at the upper ends. These caps provide a secure and gentle resting place for the handpan, ensuring it is well-protected without compromising the instrument's sound and frequencies. This feature is particularly appreciated by users who emphasize the importance of maintaining the handpan's integrity and sound quality. Also the wire is made of metal, not plastic to make it more stable. 

Recording Session ready

Additionally, the tripod's design has been carefully considered to ensure it does not dampen the handpan’s frequencies, making it an ideal choice for recording sessions. Musicians can record their music with the confidence that the authentic and rich sound of their handpan will be perfectly preserved. 

Height of the stand is: 115 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg