Collection: Handpan Accessories

Handpan Accessories by HandpanCare

Our Handpan accessories range from wall mounts over tripods to macrame rope braids. As handpan musicians ourselves, we know the needs of handpan players and the challenges which they face in their everyday life. of caring for and enhancing the usage of your handpan, and thus, we have curated an extensive array of accessories tailored to the needs of every handpan musician.

HandpanCare offers a diverse range of products that will elevate your handpan experience. Looking to travel with your handpan? We've got you covered with our hardcases, which can be upgraded with our backpack carrying system, designed to transport your instrument safely and comfortably. With our softcase, we ensure that your instrument can be transported with ease and without much carrying weight.

To store your handpan, we currently got one option, which is the handpan wall mount. This product ensures that you can store your handpan safely. Our handpan stand would also be an option, but it is not in stock at the moment. 

Decorate your Handpan with Macrame rope braids. Enhance your handpan's appearance with these braids and personalize your instrument.

Protecting your instrument is crucial. Therefore, we have designed the Top-Protection, wich is an addition to our softbag and offers some extra protection.