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Pre-order: Handpan Ceramic Coating 100 ml Bottle - High-Performance Liquid "Turtle Care"

Pre-order: Handpan Ceramic Coating 100 ml Bottle - High-Performance Liquid "Turtle Care"

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Key features

  • Advanced Ceramic Formula: Ensures top-notch protection without compromising the handpan's sound.
  • Environmental Protection: Guards against rust, moisture, and organic matter from palms and fingers.
  • Sound Quality Preservation: Maintains the handpan's natural overtones, unlike oil-based products.
  • Versatile Use: Applicable on untreated handpans; requires degreasing if previously oiled.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance: Suitable for a wide range of temperatures, ensuring durability in various conditions.
  • Convenient Size: 100 ml bottle caters to regular users, providing ample quantity for routine care.
  • Global Availability: No shipping limitations, accessible to handpan players worldwide.


  • Ceramic-based TurtleCare liquid for handpan maintenance.
  • 100 ml bottle suitable for regular use.
  • Protects against corrosion, dust, and environmental damage.
  • Preserves handpan overtones, not affecting sound quality.
  • Ideal for untreated handpans; degrease if previously oiled.
  • Rust-resistant and effective against both salt and fresh water.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures (-40°C to +750°C).
  • Enhances clarity and sustain of handpan tones.
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Product description

Revolutionary Ceramic-Based Formula

The TurtleCare 100 ml Spray is a revolutionary care treatment for your handpan. Its innovative ceramic-based formula is specifically designed to provide a robust coating, protecting the handpan from corrosion, dust, and dirt.

Preserving Musical Integrity

Unlike oils, TurtleCare preserves the handpan's overtones, ensuring the instrument retains its clear, crystal-like sound and sustain.

Environmental Resilience

This product is particularly effective in preventing rust and is resistant to both salt and fresh water, making it ideal for handpans exposed to various environments. It also boasts an impressive temperature resistance range, from -40°C to +750°C.

TurtleCare 300 ml Spray - High performance liquid based on ceramics for handpan players and makers that applies a innovative coating on your handpan. The best choice for uncompromised protection against corrosion, dust and dirt.

TurtleCare is not an oil

The TurtleCare liquid is not an oil! Therefore it has an important advantage, TurtleCare has no negative effects on the overtones whereas oil tends to compromise them. So to say: TurtleCare safes the sound of the handpan.

Apply TurtleCare only on a handpan that has not been treated with oil. In case it has been oiled you need to degrease it first.


Shake well before use the HandpanCare 100 ml.

The Handpan Ceramic Coating "TurtleCare" by HandpanCare: 100 ml.

  • Against corrosion, dust and dirt.
  • High-Performance: You don't need to apply much of the liquid.
  • Temperature-resitant: -40°C to +750°C
  • Not an handpan oil!


You find some informtion on how to use it here.