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TurtleCare ceramic coating is a maintenance product for handpan players and manufacturers alike.

TurtleCare is NOT AN OIL! TurtleCare is an innovative HIGH-PERFORMANCE CERAMIC COATING based on liquid ceramics, protecting your instrument particularly well against corrosion, cold and dirt.

Handpan ceramic coating and general care tips

Taking care of your handpan is essential to maintain its pristine condition and ensure optimal performance. To help you with this, we would like to share some valuable tips.

  • Avoid leaving your handpan exposed to prolonged sunlight. Excessive heat can negatively affect the instrument’s tension and tuning. If your handpan has been exposed to the sun, simply wait until it has cooled down before playing.
  • After each playing session, it is crucial to dry clean your handpan. Using a dedicated microfiber cloth, wipe away any accumulated natural acids, dirt, and residues left by your palms and fingers. The porous surface of the metal tends to absorb various impurities, which can make your handpan more prone to rust, and alter its appearance. Especially with nitraded handpans.
  • Avoid exposing your handpan to humid and salty environments for extended periods. Salty humidity poses a natural threat to handpans, especially during dusk and dawn when humidity levels are higher. While you can still enjoy your handpan at the beach, always remember to dry wipe it clean afterwards. And keep your (hard) case closed to prevent it from being exposed to damp, salty air. Store your handpan in the (hard) case immediately after use.
    -> dehumidifiers are helpful, but they are limited, you should not fully rely on them.
Introducing HandpanCare Ceramic Coating: The Ultimate Protection for Your Handpan

To further enhance the maintenance of your handpan, we highly recommend our Ceramic Coating “TurtleCare”. This specially formulated coating provides exceptional protection for handpans, especially for nitrided steel handpans. It is essential to note that our Ceramic Coating is not an oil. Most coatings available are oils, but oil is a killer for overtones if used longterm. Especially overtone heavy instruments will suffer from the use of oil, as the oil changes the surface of the steel, as it does not stay on the surface, but enters the material. The ceramic coating instead stays on the surface.
To apply the coating to your instrument, we recommend using a fabric, a clean cloth, or even better dry paper.

How to use our Ceramic Coating effectively

Simply place a few drops of TurtleCare Ceramic Coating on your instrument and distribute it evenly across the entire surface of your handpan. (Using a non-absorbing tissue, like paper, works best.) A non-absorbing tissue works best, as it won’t waste your liquid, so you can use it as effectively as possible.
Allow approximately 10 minutes for the coating to evaporate, leaving behind a protective ceramic film. This film exhibits outstanding heat resistance, tolerating temperatures of 300-400 °C in the oven without issue.

For the makers

In fact, our tests with nitrided steel have shown that interesting colors can be achieved by applying the product before the heat treatment. Which could be especially interesting for makers.

Before delivering the handpan to the customer or performing at a concert, it is advisable to treat the instrument with HandpanCare Ceramic Coating for extra protection. For those who frequently travel with their handpans, our practical TurtleCare 100ml Bottle is the perfect companion. Don’t forget, if you travel with your instrument: Don’t leave it in your hardcase/ softcase/ backpack for the whole time – experience has shown that depending on the climate it might rust.Pflegemittel Handpans

While storing your handpan in a hard case is made more convenient with HandpanCare Ceramic Coating, we don’t recommend it.  Due to it’s ability to prevent the formation of a moist microclimate inside the case, we still recommend against long-term storage in a hard case. Floor stands or wall mounts are better suited for this purpose. TurtleCare Ceramic Coating also offers excellent sliding properties, ensuring that your handpan always feels smooth and clean. Additionally, if you have previously used oil on your handpan, it is important to degrease it thoroughly before applying our Ceramic Coating.

Experience the ultimate protection for your handpan with HandpanCare Ceramic Coating. Safeguard your instrument, prolong its lifespan, and enjoy its captivating melodies for years to come.

Your HandpanCare Team


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