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Microfiber cloth for Handpans - HandpanCare

Microfiber cloth for Handpans - HandpanCare

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Key features

  • Ideal for handpan cleaning and maintenance.
  • Recommended for use after each play session.
  • Removes dirt and grease to prolong instrument lifespan.
  • Should be used in addition with TurtleCare protective coating for optimal care.
  • Helps maintain sound quality and instrument integrity.


  • Effective Cleaning: The microfiber cloth is specifically designed for handpans, efficiently removing dirt, oil, and grease from the instrument's surface.
  • Protective Maintenance: Regular cleaning with the microfiber cloth, especially after playing, helps extend the handpan's lifespan.
  • Sound Preservation: Regular cleaning maintains the clarity and quality of the handpan's sound, preventing any dullness in the tones.
  • Ease of Use: The cloth's material is suitable for regular use, offering an easy and effective way to keep the handpan clean.
  • Complementary with TurtleCare: For thorough care, use the cloth before applying TurtleCare protective coating, enhancing the handpan's protection against external elements.
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Product description

A handy tool for your Handpan

Our Microfiber Cloth for Handpans is an essential tool for any handpan player, designed to ensure your instrument remains in top condition. Its unique fabric effectively removes dirt, grease, and other residues that accumulate from regular playing, thereby enhancing the longevity and sound quality of your handpan. Using this cloth after every session (regardless the length) helps maintain the instrument's pristine condition and sustain its musical integrity.

Pair with TurtleCare

Additionally, when paired with TurtleCare protective coating, it offers an unbeatable combination for handpan care. This cloth is a must-have for preserving the beauty and sound of your handpan, making it an invaluable part of your musical journey.

But don't use the microfiber cloth to apply the TurtleCare protective coating. use the microfiber cloth beforehand to dry clean the instrument, then apply TurtleCare and distribute the liquid with dry paper. 

Cleaning Recommendations

1) Dry clean your handpan clean with a microfiber cloth after every play session. This removes the dirt and grease from your fingertips, which increases the lifespan of the instrument.

2) After dry cleaning, use a few drops of TurtleCare protective coating and distribute it with dry paper once every 2-4 weeks. TurtleCare is a ceramic coating liquid specifically designed for handpans.

The microfiber cloth for your Handpan is made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

The images show product examples, and the colors may vary.

Made in Germany.