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Coming soon: Helmholtz cylinder for Handpans

Coming soon: Helmholtz cylinder for Handpans

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Key features

Inserted into the handpan's hole ("Gu") to dampen frequencies.

Customizable length by cutting rubber or sawing wood.

Double rubber use for larger holes.

Increases handpan's bass.


Functionality: Allows for the dampening of specific frequencies, offering more control over the sound.

  • Customizable: By adjusting the length of the wood and rubber, different frequencies can be targeted.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various handpan models, adaptable for larger hole sizes.
  • Sound Enhancement: Adds depth to the handpan's bass, enriching the overall sound.
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Product description

Enhance your Handpan Sound

The HandpanCare Helmholtz Cylinder is an innovative accessory designed for handpan musiscians and the ones who like to experiment with sounds. This cylinder is placed inside the handpan's hole on the bottom. This hole is also called "Gu". To selectively dampen certain frequencies. This customization feature is especially valuable for those looking to achieve specific notes like Bb4, which are otherwise challenging to produce on a handpan.

Size is adjustable to your needs

Users can tailor the cylinder's length by cutting the rubber or wood, allowing for precise control over the dampened frequencies. Furthermore, for handpans with larger holes, the cylinder's rubber can be doubled up, enhancing its adaptability. Not only does this cylinder aid in frequency control, but it also amplifies the bass of the handpan, adding a rich depth to the instrument's sound.

This Helmholtz Cylinder by HandpanCare represents a fusion of craftsmanship and musical innovation, making it a must-have for handpan players aiming to explore new sonic possibilities.