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Handpan TOP Protection (black) - | Protection Cover | for handpan soft bags/backpacks

Handpan TOP Protection (black) - | Protection Cover | for handpan soft bags/backpacks

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Key features

Handpan TOP Protection designed for soft bag transport.

Made of ABS material for durability.

Suitable for handpans up to 54 cm in diameter (56 cm with bolsters).

Lightweight design, weighing only 0.95 kg.

Removable fine foam inner layer for additional protection.

Ideal for use with backpacks, especially the Deuter Backpack.

Offers protection against lighter collisions.

Can be paired with another TOP Protection to create a makeshift case.

Recommended as an additional safety layer, though a hardcase is preferred for maximum protection.


  • Material and Durability: Crafted from ABS material, ensuring strength and longevity.
  • Size Compatibility: Perfect for handpans up to 54 cm (56 cm with bolsters), with a thickness of 4 cm.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs just 0.95 kg, making it easy to carry without adding significant weight.
  • Enhanced Protection: The inner layer of fine foam can be removed or adjusted for tailored cushioning.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for soft bag transportation, providing extra safety against impacts.
  • Budget-Friendly: An affordable solution for those seeking additional handpan protection without a large investment.
  • Innovative Use: Can be doubled up with another TOP Protection for improvised case-like security.
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Product description

Additional Softbag Protection

The Handpan TOP Protection offers a practical and innovative solution for safely transporting your handpan, especially when using soft bags like our Deuter Backpack. This protective accessory is made from durable ABS material and is specifically sized to fit handpans up to 54 cm in diameter, accommodating up to 56 cm with bolsters. Its lightweight design, weighing less than a kilogram, makes it ideal for those who need to minimize the load they carry.

Removable fine foam

The TOP Protection features a removable inner layer of fine foam, providing extra cushioning to guard against light collisions and impacts. While it is an excellent addition for enhanced safety, especially when using a backpack, it is not a replacement for a hardcase. For those seeking a budget-friendly option to add an extra layer of protection for their valuable handpan, the TOP Protection is a top choice. However, for the safest transport possible, the use of a hardcase is recommended. This product caters to the needs of handpan players who value both protection and convenience.

The Handpan TOP Protection is specially designed for transporting your Handpan in a soft bag, like our Deuter Backpack.

Material: ABS.
Size: 59cm, max. 54 cm Handpans (56 cm with bolsters).
Thickness: 4 cm.
Weight: 0,95kg


Another option is to take two TOP Protections and stick them together around a handpan so you "create" a case yourself. This will help furthermore to secure a safe transport.


We do recommend using a Hardcase if you want to secure your handpan for the safest transport possible. You can find hardcas options here.