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Handpan Hardcase | Handpan Bag | HandpanCare | PU Zipper Case (old model)

Handpan Hardcase | Handpan Bag | HandpanCare | PU Zipper Case (old model)

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Key features

  • Old PU-Case design for HandpanCare.
  • Robust PU plastic outer shell.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry: Weighs 2.9 kg.
  • Integrated backpack system with detachable straps.
  • 100% waterproof zipper and stainless steel strap hooks.
  • Soft foam interior for protection.
  • Side pocket for TurtleCare products.
  • Dimensions: 61 x 61 x 32 cm.


  • Affordable Protection: Offers solid protection at a cost-effective price.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Lightweight structure, coupled with a comfortable backpack system, makes for easy travel.
  • Rugged Construction: Crafted with durable PU plastic to withstand the rigors of the road.
  • Pressure-Preventing Interior: The interior is designed to safeguard the handpan, preventing undue pressure on its notes.
  • Nurturing Storage: Soft foam inserts ensure the handpan is securely and gently cradled.
  • Weatherproof Elements: Features a 100% waterproof zipper and robust stainless steel strap hooks for added durability.
  • Convenient Features: Includes a side pocket specifically for handpan care products like TurtleCare.
  • Optimal Size: The case measures 61 x 61 x 32 cm, offering ample space for a standard-sized handpan.
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Product description

This is the old PU-Model - Old PU-Case Design

The HandpanCare PU Zipper Case is an ideal solution for handpan players, seeking both protection and value. Reminiscent of high-end fiberglass cases, this PU model balances affordability with robustness.

Perfect fit for 56 diameter handpans

The PU-Case fits perfectly for Handpans with a 56 diameter (with edge included). 
Crafted to be the best value for money, this case boasts a sturdy PU plastic outer shell providing a reliable shield for your handpan during travels. 

Effortless Travels

Traveling with your handpan has never been this comfortable and convenient. Despite its solid construction, the case is surprisingly light, weighing just 2.9 kg. Its innovative backpack system, complete with detachable straps, ensures comfortable transport. The case is designed with a 100% waterproof zipper and stainless steel hooks, guaranteeing protection against the elements.

Inside, the handpan is nestled in soft foam inserts, preventing any pressure damage to the instrument. The case also features a side pocket, perfect for carrying TurtleCare products, emphasizing its focus on comprehensive handpan care.

Key Features:

  • Solid protection at a fraction of the cost - embrace affordable excellence.
  • Lightweight and comfortable - travel effortlessly with the integrated backpack system.
  • Rugged PU plastic outer shell - a shield against the trials of the road.
  • Pressure-Preventing Interior: The interior of the PU Zipper Case is designed to prevent any undue pressure on your handpan, ensuring the integrity of its notes. Soft foam inserts keep your instrument secure and well-protected.
  • Gentle on your handpan - soft foam inserts for a secure and nurturing embrace.
  • Defies the elements - 100% waterproof zipper, stainless steel strap hooks.
  • Includes a side pocket for your 100ml bottle of TurtleCare care product - the ultimate care for your handpan.
  • Measurements: 61 x 61 x 32cm - Weigth: 2,9kg.
  • Weatherproof: The 100% waterproof zipper and stainless steel strap hooks offer optimal protection against the elements.

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