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Back Pad / Attachable to the Fiberglass Hardcase

Back Pad / Attachable to the Fiberglass Hardcase

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Key features

  • Enhanced Comfort: Designed for added comfort while carrying the fiberglass hardcase.
  • Compatibility: Perfect for older models of the fiberglass hardcase without a built-in back pad.
  • Easy Attachment: Features adhesive tape for simple, glue-free application.
  • Convenient Dimensions: Measures 36x23x2 cm, fitting seamlessly onto the hardcase.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 0.5 kg, adding minimal weight to your case.


  • High comfort - designed for travelling
  • Safe and simple - easy to attach
  • Additional comfort - Attachable to our Fiberglass Hardcase
  • Measurements:
    Size - 36x23x2 cm
    Weight - 0,5 kg
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Product description

Comfort for your Fiberglas Hardcase

Our back pad is attachable to our fiberglass hardcase and is designed to make it more comfortable. Our current model has the back pad already attached, but our older models were without a backpad. If you have an older model of our fiberglas hardcase, then this back pad is a handy addition for carrying around your beloved handpan. 

Easy to attach

It has an adhesive tape, so you need no additional glue to attach it to the hardcase. Just remove the foil and carefully attach it to the fiberglas hardcase. 

This product is included in all fiberglass hardcase orders and is made to order here for older models.

Size - 36x23x2 cm
Weight - 0,5 kg