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ABS Flightcase - Available on demand

ABS Flightcase - Available on demand

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Key features

High Durability: Constructed with ABS plastic, known for its strength and resistance to impact.

Professional Grade: Geared specifically towards the needs of professional handpan players.

Shock-Absorbent Interior: The case is lined with soft foam, providing excellent protection for the delicate notes of the handpan.

Spacious Design: Ample interior space, measuring 72x70x40 cm, with a total height of 102 cm including the handle.

Lightweight: Despite its robust construction, the case remains relatively light with a weight of 15 kg.

Sleek Appearance: Available in an elegant black color.


  • Purpose: Ideal for plane travel, providing excellent safety for handpans.
  • Designed for professional players.
  • Material: Outer shell made of ABS, an extremely hard and durable type of plastic.
  • Interior: Lined with soft, shock-absorbing foam to protect handpan notes.
  • Color: Available in black.
  • Order Information: Made to order, contact info [a] for ordering.
  • Measurements:

Size: 72x70x40 cm, ideal for accommodating most handpans.

Total Height (with handle): 102 cm, facilitating easy transport.

Weight: 15 kg, a balanced weight for robust protection yet manageable portability.

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Product description

Professional Protection for Handpan Musicians

The ABS flightcase provides the best safety you can get for plane travel. It is made to order and geared towards professional players. If you are interested in ordering, please contact us at

Interior and Exterior

The ABS Flightcase is tailored for air travel to ensure handpan safety, featuring an impact-resistant ABS plastic exterior and a protective foam-lined interior. The inside is made of a soft, shock-absorbing foam, which ensures that no pressure is exerted on the notes of the handpan at any time.


Measuring 72x70x40 cm with a 102 cm handle height and weighing 15 kg, it is designed in black, specifically for professional players. This made-to-order case can be acquired by contacting HandpanCare at The case offers robust protection and elegant design, catering to the needs of traveling musicians seeking the best care for their handpans.