X-Stand – Handpan Tripod + Bag (Bundle)

This bundle includes the HandpanCare X-Stand as well as a nylon carrying bag.


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The HandpanCare X-Stand Bundle – The Perfect Companion for Your Handpan

Experience the convenience and versatility of the HandpanCare X-Stand Bundle, designed to enhance your handpan playing experience. This carefully crafted bundle includes the HandpanCare X-Stand and a durable nylon carrying bag, ensuring easy and convenient transportation of the X-Stand wherever your musical journey takes you.

Thoughtfully Engineered for Stability and Portability: (Please watch the video to adjust the X-Stand)

– Lightweight and Sturdy: The brand new X-Stand combines stability with exceptional lightweight design, thanks to its premium quality aluminium construction. Enjoy the perfect balance between durability and ease of use as you explore different playing positions.

– Adjustable Height for Personal Comfort: Whether you prefer to play standing up or sitting down, the X-Stand offers adjustable height settings to suit your individual preferences. Find your perfect playing position and immerse yourself in the music with ease.

Optimized Performance Features:

– Premium Materials for Optimal Sound: Crafted with aluminium parts and featuring hard foam caps, the X-Stand ensures that no vibrations are dampened, allowing your handpan to resonate freely and produce its true and authentic sound.

– All-Encompassing Adjustability: The X-Stand features aluminium clamps that allow you to adjust all parts according to your specific needs. Customize the height and angle to achieve the perfect playing setup that suits you best.

– Ideal for Audio Recordings: Capture the pristine sound of your handpan with ease. The X-Stand’s thoughtful design and foam caps ensure that all frequencies sound optimal, making it an excellent choice for high-quality audio recordings.

Additional Features:

– Height Range: The X-Stand offers a height range of 60cm (minimum) to 106cm (maximum), accommodating various playing preferences and individual comfort levels.

– Leveling Made Easy: The X-Stand includes a small spirit level in the middle, allowing you to easily level the stand for optimal stability and balance.

Discover the HandpanCare X-Stand Bundle – an essential accessory that enhances your handpan playing experience. Enjoy the stability, adjustability, and portability it provides. Order your bundle today and unlock new possibilities in your musical journey.

Here is a video incl. assembly instructions:

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