Handpan Ceramic Coating 100 ml Bottle – High-Performance Liquid “Turtle Care”

TurtleCare 100 ml  – High performace liquid ceramic for handpan players and makers.


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TurtleCare Handpan Ceramic Coating 100ml Bottle 

This high performance liquid is based on liquid ceramic. Apply this innovative coating on your handpan to ensure the best protection.
TurtleCare ensures uncompromised protection against corrosion, dust and dirt. Apply TurtleCare Handpan Ceramic Coating only on a handpan
that has not been treated with oil. In case it has been oil you need to degrease it first.

This is important: The TurtleCare Handpan Ceramic Coating is not an oil! Handpan oil is the common way people treat their handpan with.
But compared to handpan oil our handpan ceramic coating has an important advantage: TurtleCare has no negative effects on the overtones whereas oil tends to compromise them. So to say: TurtleCare safes the sound of the handpan.

It helps to prevent rust, is resistant to salt and fresh water and has a extremly high temperature-resitance. (-40°C to +750°C) The Handpan tends to absorb moisture, dust and organic matter from the palms and fingers because of its porous surface. An untreated handpan may have a loss in the clarity of the tones, especially the overtones due to environmental and dirt damage; the handpan sounds muffled, it does not have a nice crystal clear sound and no sustain. This is expecially important for nitrided handpans.

The 100 ml bottle is perfect to travel or if you just want to test the performance of the TurtleCare liquid.

Shake well before use the HandpanCare 100 ml.

The Handpan Ceramic Coating “TurtleCare” by HandpanCare: 100 ml.

  • Against corrosion, dust and dirt.
  • High-Performance: You don’t need to apply much of the liquid.
  • Temperature-resitant: -40°C to +750°C
  • Not an handpan oil!

A Care Treatment that is “LIKE AN INVISIBLE TURTLE’S ARMOR” 

You find some informtion on how to use it here.

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