Safety Handpan “TOP Protection”

Top protection for a softbag like our Deuter backpack


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The Handpan TOP Protection is specially designed for transporting your Handpan in a soft bag, like our Deuter Backpack.

Material: ABS.
Size: 59cm, max. 54 cm Handpans (56 with bolsters).
Thickness: 4 cm.
Weight: 0,95kg

The TOP Protection has a inner layer of removable fine foam. It is extremely leight and therefore it helps the ones who can not carry much weight or do not want it.

If you do not have a hardcase, this item will protect your handpan from lighter collisions if you carry it inside a bag. If you use a backpack use the TOP Protection on the side, that is not covered by your rear.

The TOP Protection is your best friend for the little extra safety. We know a Handpan is an expensive instrument, so no one would be interested in having it get damaged. For the ones with a small pocket, it is the best thing you get in this price class.

Another possibility is to take two TOP Protections and stick them together around a handpan so you “create” a case yourself. This will help furthermore to secure a safe transport.


We do recommend using a Hardcase if you want to secure your handpan for the safest transport possible.


Weight 1,5 kg