Turtle Care 300 ml Spray-Bottle Package (Twelve Bottles)

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Special offer: get 21% off for packages of 12 spray bottles 300 ml!
16,59 € per bottle instead of 21 € – that’s a great deal for all in need of high quantities.

  • frequent players
  • for makers
  • workshop enthusiasts

Why do we assume it is great for the ones producing Handpans?

Well, as a Handpan-maker you want to give your customers the best possible instrument you can create so far, so start using TurtleCare in your process of creating it.

At least as the last treatment TurtleCare ensures, that the instrument will leave your place with a protection layer, that helps to prevent it from external influences like high moisture or salt or corrosion.

As a frequent player, you want to be safe in keeping your instrument as clean as possible, as you want it to last as long as possible, but if you play many times, your instrument is concerned with the products of your hands,

sweat can on long terms be a threat your instrument, or a high humidity. TurtleCare helps to prevent the instrument from taking damage to it.  If you want to play at the sea, you need to have in mind, that the circumstances are

not the best for a thin layer of metal.

If you give Handpan workshops, you normally have some instruments at your place, so that every visitor can play on one instrument, but you need to store them somehow. Bt the storage might not be your only concern, you have to keep the instruments in shape,

as you want to provide more than one workshop with instruments. So they need protection, another time you can count on TurtleCare.

– IMPORTANT NOTE: Not available for shipping to the USA –