Deuter Softbag

Handpan Deuter Backpacks – 30% off – Juni 2021

Dear Handpan Community!

Are you ready for this summer? Do you have plans to go on a special hiking adventure, a handpan festival, rock climbing or just relaxing at the lake? This week we are offering you something special:
We are selling 100 of our Deuter Backpacks for 100€/piece! (usually 150€).

Most important details:

  • What: HandpanCare Deuter Backpack for 100 €/piece
  • When: it starts now, until 100 backpacks are gone
  • How: visit our webpage and place your order

    Product Details:
    * practical & lightweight (1,6 kg)
    * high wearing comfort
    * dimensions: 57×57×30 cm
    * great for outdoor activities, traveling, festivals
    * 4 front pockets, 2 lap belt pockets (all with zippers)
    colour: black with red highlights
    * comes including 1 Top Protection (made of ABS)

Thank you that you are on this journey with us!

Much love

HandpanCare – Team


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